School Visits and Student Workshops

The SOPHia project (‘Science outreach for promoting physics’) aims to encourage female Junior Certificate or Transition Year students to take Physics as one of their Leaving Certificate subjects.

We also visit 5th and 6th class students in primary schools. Although it will be some years before these students have to make a choice about their Leaving Certificate subjects, the research shows that perceptions about physics are formed at an early age, so we would like to capture some future minds for physics as soon as we can!

Sadhbh, Niamh and Gráinne visit Monaleen National School Limerick November 2019

Our school visit program works as follows:
Two of our undergraduate students would visit the school to give a short talk/workshop. There will be some demos, some information about what physics is about, what career options are available, some famous physicists, with an emphasis on showing the very broad scope of options available. The undergrads will explain a bit about their own story of how they became interested in physics, and so on. The initiative has a serious objective, but should be light-hearted and enjoyable for your students too.

The workshop generally takes up to an hour, but we can tailor it to suit the time period, and/or the age of the students. 

For more information about our school visit program please email