Swarm Catcher

Recently I bought a nucleation box to have just in case our colony decided to swarm. Unfortunately I forgot to order brood frames and foundation at the same time. While waiting on the frames I came across this simple swarm catcher idea and decided to give it a try. Would be good to have some honey filled brood frame to place in it but … so I decided to innovate – nothing to loose?

Used the cardboard box in which the nuc box arrived, dimensions of which matched the length of a frame. Used the end flaps to support two super frames and foundation and added some honey comb to entice scout bees in? Used a drill with large wood bit to make entrance ports and vent holes. Wrapped the whole closed box in cling film and re-opened the port and vent holes by piercing the cling film covering them.

Swarm catcher cardboard box (experimental) with frames and honey comb.
Experimental swarm catcher.
Entrance ports to swarm catcher box.

Have placed it on a low stone wall in shrubbery for the moment but hope to find a low lying roof as a more permanent home for it. Then all I’ll have to do is wait for a swarm to arrive!