Finishing Touches

The focus of yesterday’s work at the Three Counties apiary was on labeling the jarred honey. The Three Counties Beekeeping Association use only native Irish bees (apis mellifera mellifera ) and so each jar cap label clearly acknowledges the work of this bee subspecies.

‘Native Irish Honey Bees’ label. Photograph courtesy of Pauline Walsh. The Sophia hive had a 28 jar (225g) yield of honey.

Eleven association members had honey to label so it proved to be a busy morning.

All smiles as labels are added to the various honey consignments.

The colour, taste and texture of the honey depends very much on the forage sources used by the bees. It was fascinating to note the difference in colour of honey from adjacent hives in the apiary. One was light golden coloured (Sophia hive) while honey from the hive next door was a much deeper shade of gold.

Celine holds honey from two adjacent hives in the apiary. The difference in colour may arise due to different colonies foraging from different plant species.