Contemplating Harvest

Arrangements have been made to harvest this year’s bounty of honey. First, clearing boards – basically a one-way zebra crossing system for bees that allows them move down into the brood from the super but blocks them from traversing in the opposite direction. This ensures that bees are not removed from the colony along with honey filled supers. Last week, the supers were removed and securely stored in a lockup including a full Super from the Sophia hive. The supers were carefully marked and labeled to identify the hive source.

Notice the step fall in hive mass on the 10th August corresponding to super removal from the Sophia hive. The mass drop shown does not tell the full story as a number of bricks were placed on the roof of the hive to secure it against forecasted high winds.

Extraction and jarring is scheduled for next Saturday. Yesterday, therefore was largely a tidy up day at the Three Counties Apiary with many hands making light work of the job.

Alan supervises while the worker beekeepers get on with the tidying!

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