Honey Accumulation

It has been a couple of weeks since an update on the hive has been posted (vacation time). However, Three Counties Beekeepers have been busy as have the bees, see weight gain chart below.

Hive Weight Data
The chart shows the hive weight since the Beehive Monitoring system went live on the 7th June 2019. The sharp change events correspond to hive openings/inspections. Supers were added on the 29th June and the 20th July respectively.

Two supers with frames have been added over the last month to accommodate the bountiful flow of honey to the hive. The photograph below shows the hive in its present form (its the one with the little GSM box on top).

Sophia Hive with 2 Supers
The Sophia hive is getting taller with the addition of two supers to allow more room for honey.

Finally, delighted to report that there is no ageism in beekeeping. The little lady doing the egg inspection below is only 12 years of age.

You are never too young to start beekeeping.