Week 1 Checkup

One week since the bees were transferred to the Sophia hive: needed to check that all was well. On arrival in Knockainey around 11:45am, the beekeepers were already busy tending to the hives.

Pauline and Mattie checking for charged queen cells.

Outward appearances were good for the Sophia hive but a quick look under the ‘hood’ was necessary in order to confirm this.

The brood scored well under temperament, storage and comb building assessment categories so all in all, looks like we got a happy brood.

Once all the hives had been checked and tended, it was time to relax over a cuppa and review diligently recorded hive notes. David was a most hospitable host.

Enjoying refreshments kindly provided by David O’Grady. In the pic L/R: Una Mulvey, Pauline Walsh, David O’Grady, Peter Hennessey and Matthew Quirke.

On the electronic monitoring system side of the project, progress is being hampered by delays with delivery of the Arnia hive monitoring system – Brexit being blamed for shortage/stockpiling of components.

An alternative system was sourced in the Slovak republic, was ordered on the 30th May and is now in transit so we should be able to start testing and installation next week. Will be interesting to compare systems when both the Slovak and UK monitors are commissioned.