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Will detail the installation of the Sophia, electronically monitored beehive, in an established apiary at Knockainey, Co Limerick. The plan is to stream data from sensors in the hive to the cloud where the data will be made available to anyone interested, via the Sophia website. The ‘Three Counties Beekeeping Association‘ has kindly offered to help us establish a colony of bees in the hive and to help with their care.

The Hive

A National Polystyrene hive was purchased from Donegal Bees.

National Polystyrene Hive from Donegal Bees


As a ‘newbee’ to hive preparation and frame assembly, I watched some very useful videos posted to the Thorne site detailing National Beehive Frame assembly. Next I gathered some simple tools and a work bench and commenced work.

Work Bench and Tools
Super frame components and tool set.
Frame Assembly
Frame Assembly
Brood chamber with frames fitted.
Brood chamber with plastic queen excluder sitting on top.
Super section with frames fitted.
Polystyrene crownboard with ventilation ports.

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